Saturday, June 2, 2012

China Cafe

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I love China Cafe, well the food that is. I have never had a bad plate of food there. My favorite is the Honey Chicken and the Sesame Chicken! I posted a review on UrbanSpoon awhile back and my opinion has not changed. Generally everything is clean, the buffet stays stocked and hot, and the service is on par with a buffet place. My only complaint, and honestly this is a HUGE MAJOR GIGANTIC ENORMOUS WHOPPING complaint and that is about the management and its regards to children. First of all, what kind of parent lets their children run amok all over the damn place, making noise, making messes and not bothering in the slightest to reign them in, make them sit down and shut the hell up!? As a patron, I want to sit in peace and enjoy my meal, not be pestered by a bunch of crying snot nosed little thugs or thugettes in the making. If this isn't bad enough, nobody that works at China Cafe will ever say anything! We had to leave once because this one little girl was running back and forth around her table wearing those annoying shoes that make a squeaky sound. Literally, like a dog toy in the shoe..squeak squeak squeak SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK!!! Needless to say, if you can manage to go in to eat and there are no have been blessed, cherish it and leave a tip!

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