Sunday, June 3, 2012

Corner Bakery

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What a let down this place was. I am all for trying new places that are given bad reviews because there are some people who are just too picky over things. My group tried Corner Bakery tonight, despite the bad reviews and for the most part, the reviews are correct. The interior is tastefully decorated as a nice cafe and the seating was plentiful and comfortable, but that's the best that can be said for our evening. Every one of us tried something different and we were all disappointed. One of our friends even had to send his sandwich back twice because they kept putting mayo on it! The sandwiches are pretty bland tasting and all of these could be made at home and the same can be said about the soups, salads, pastas and the desserts. There was nothing spectacular here and nothing worth returning for. The breads are not even made fresh on site and come to think of it, I wonder if anything is made fresh on site or is it just a giant assembly line in the kitchen? This place is ok for a quick bite to eat at lunch, but the prices will keep you from coming here for just the speedy service. The service isn't even all that great. The only redeeming quality was when my friend asked for ranch and the guy brought her a small cup and when I asked for ranch (because i said i wanted an assload of it) he brought me 4 cups haha! All in all, I dont recommend Corner Bakery. Its just another run of the mill fancy pants sandwich shop. Tyler has enough of those. Want a good sandwich? Go get one from FRESH!

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