Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cheng's China Bistro

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I have been to this place twice now and both times have been really great. The restaurant is in the old Oxford Street location and it owned by the people who also own China Cafe on the loop. China Cafe is already my most favorite chinese buffet in Tyler so it stands to reason that Cheng's would be just as good. It is! The decor is beautiful and you would not expect the service to be so fast during lunch but it is. The servers have been impeccable for both visits. My only complaint is the price tier between lunch and dinner. I have only ordered off the lunch menu since the dinner options are generally $5+ higher. I recommend for lunch, mainly for prices, but also with lunch you get soup, fried rice, egg or spring and your entree. Also at the beginning you get these crispy little fried chips and duck sauce for free. So far I have ordered the Beef and Broccoli and the Sesame Chicken. I was not disappointed with either. Perfect portion size for lunch and everything was hot and fresh. I love this place and I look forward to going back!

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  1. On my way to a business meeting this morning I stopped at the front desk to check out and asked about a chinese place that would be nearby where these meetings were taking place at. The hotel desk clerk recommended this establishment. I wanted to reserve my opinion for afterwards because I believe in giving fair chance to establishments. Well here it is. It is miscategorized as a bistro and truthfully it is your everyday americanized chinese food that is over priced. I live in one of the restaurant capitals of the united states and I did not find any congee options, any Yakiniku options, no mantou options which would have made authentic chinese bistro. No such luck!